Maintenance needs of Air-conditioners – Steps involved

Your AC is just a electromechanical equipment like all others gadgets & vehicles, to enhance its life with optimum performance regular maintenance and operation is of utmost importance.

It’s always better to let the experts handle the maintenance

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What is the difference in normal 5 Star and INVERTER type ACs

With increasing costs of energy everybody is puzzled what to choose! Inverter or Normal STAR rated Air conditioners!

First and foremost the INVERTER AC has nothing to do with the Inverter we install in our homes for continuous power supply in case of power cuts.

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ISEER – Indian Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio rating for Air conditioners

Earlier the energy efficiency ratings (STAR ratings) were given by Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) Ministry of power Government of India based on simple energy efficiency ratio:

Energy Efficiency Ratio = Cooling capacity / Electrical consumption

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Formation of Ice on cooling coils

During operation of an Air conditioner the moisture present in the room air gets condensed in the form of water droplets on the coil surface. Condensation is a continuous process and the condensed water is moved out by the installed drain piping continuously.

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Split or Hiwall type AC Installation – Points to ensure

The new AC unit is usually delivered in two cartons. One will contain the indoor unit (cooling unit) and the another heavier box shall contain the Outdoor unit (Condensing unit and compressor)

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What is star rating for air conditioner

What is STAR rating for an Air Conditioner?

There is a lot of confusion in the domestic air conditioning market as to what Star rating is best suitable for a particular type of use! Simply put forward the higher the star rating higher are the savings on electricity bills.

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