Insulation for Refrigerated Trucks

Apart from the chassis and refrigeration unit selections, insulation is a major factor affecting the performance of the vehicle and thus directly affecting profitability of the transporter

Optimum insulation of the box would ensure or affect the product temperatures and the units run in time. Thus directly affecting the fuel consumption also.

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Types of Refrigeration Units for Trucks (Transport Refrigeration)

Direct Drive Units

These units are usually opted for smaller vehicles with box size upto 8 feet length

These are split units with a nose mounted (above driver cabin) external Condenser & ceiling suspended Indoor Cooling unit (Evaporator)

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Refrigerated Trucks

Refrigerated Trucks are an important link in cold chain for distribution of cargo.

Presently a few Auto equipment manufacturers are offering factory built RTs

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Cold Chain – Global need of today’s world

With monumental losses in terms of waste of agricultural produce vegetables / Milk / Fruits due to distribution constraints bring in an urgent need for Refrigerated trucks.

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