Cold Chain – Global need of today’s world

With monumental losses in terms of waste of agricultural produce vegetables / Milk / Fruits due to distribution constraints bring in an urgent need for Refrigerated trucks.

The need for Refrigerated trucks arises due to the following:

  1. Much of the farm produce, fruits, vegetables etc are seasonal in nature but demand is year round. Tinned or canned food can be an option but everybody prefers fresh produce being more healthy and without preservatives
  2. With growing cities & increasing land prices most of the agricultural activities have been shifted to far flung locations. Same is the case with dairies
  3. Many products in the Pharmaceutical industry too requires temperature controlled environment for storage as well as transport

With the increased population and limited resources it is very important to ensure to reach the produce to the end consumer with minimum or zero wastage.

Governments across the globe are working on establishing a complete cycle from produce to consumer popularly called the COLD CHAIN

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