What is the difference in normal 5 Star and INVERTER type ACs

With increasing costs of energy everybody is puzzled what to choose! Inverter or Normal STAR rated Air conditioners!

First and foremost the INVERTER AC has nothing to do with the Inverter we install in our homes for continuous power supply in case of power cuts.

Normal Star rated air conditioners works on the principle of cut in and cut off, means once the AC equipment is started  the compressor starts (cuts in) and runs continuously – the system removes heat till the time desired (set by user) temperature is achieved. Once the temperature is achieved the compressor & condenser fan shuts down (cut off) again with rise in temperature the compressor starts and again stops on reaching the desired temperature. This cycle continues till the AC equipment is powered.

For example if the AC equipment is set at 250C the system will work till this temperature is achieved in the room and then cut off. With rise in temperature by say 20C i.e. 270C the compressor again cuts in.

This type of operation cannot control the temperatures precisely and can make the occupants uncomfortable at times and is noisy too. Also every time the compressor cuts in there is a huge surge in current consumption which increases power consumption to a great extent

As the compressor when ON runs at its full capacity continuously these ACs are called fixed speed air conditioners

INVERTER type Air conditioners

Inverter Air conditioners work on the same cooling cycle with the major difference that there are no cut ins and cut offs hence they are capable to maintain precise temperatures without being noisy and with no power surges

When an inverter AC is put ON the compressor starts and continues to be ON till the AC is switched OFF

As the term inverter suggests these ACs work by converting the AC (alternating current) supply available to DC (Direct current) and then convert it again to AC with infinitely variable frequency

The compressor speed is continuously controlled by adjusting the frequency of supply based on the desired (set by user) temperature. This enables the compressor to operate from 0 to 100 percent capacity as and when required, at the same time it will draw power in tandem with the capacity at which it is working.

Now the question arises How INVERTER ACs are more efficient?

While choosing an air conditioner – factors such as ambient temperature, Humidity, size of the room, direct and indirect sunlight, number of occupants, gadgets operating in the room, number of door openings and many other are considered to calculate the HEAT LOAD – based on which, a particular capacity (Tonnage) equipment is chosen.

Except the size and directions of the room most of the other factors like sunlight, Humidity, number of occupants, gadgets operating in the room, number of door openings etc are constantly variable.

Say a 1.5TR Air conditioner is chosen for a particular application:

For a normal (fixed speed) AC with a capacity of 1.5TR when put ON shall work with its full capacity of 1.5TR on the other hand with inverter technology allowing the compressor to work at variable speeds, it will operate from 0TR to 1.5TR as per the requirement (varying heat load) thus saving a lot of energy

Advantages of INVERTER type Air conditioners

  1. Precision in maintaining temperature
  2. Smooth power curve as compared to fixed speed air conditioners (No surges due to cut ins and cut offs
  3. Low operational noise
  4. Energy savings upto 30%
  5. Longer equipment life due to smooth operation
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