Maintenance needs of Air-conditioners – Steps involved

Your AC is just a electromechanical equipment like all others gadgets & vehicles, to enhance its life with optimum performance regular maintenance and operation is of utmost importance.

It’s always better to let the experts handle the maintenance

Routine Maintenance helps to upkeep the cleanliness of your coils thus maintaining good air quality.

Clogged and dirty coils greatly affects the quality of air in the room and may be hazardous in extreme cases with growth of bad bacteria

Clean coils and optimum refrigerant gas quantity in the AC unit ensures long life of critical components such as compressor and at the same time saves considerable amount of electricity.

General guidelines for routine maintenance of the Air-conditioning equipment

  1. Clean the Outdoor unit interiors of dirt, leaves, smudge etc
  2. Straighten coil fins if damaged.
  3. Clean filters of the Indoor unit. If required clean coils
  4. Check all electrical connections for tightness and free from rust or carbon deposits
  5. Clean the drain water pipes and ensure free flow of drain water from the Indoor unit
  6. Check Gas (Refrigerant) pressure and top up to optimum level as per manufacturers specifications
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