Refrigerated Trucks

Refrigerated Trucks are an important link in cold chain for distribution of cargo.

Presently a few Auto equipment manufacturers are offering factory built RTs

But still a larger market is with externally assembled Refrigerated Trucks and following are the steps involved for a Fleet owner:

  1. Decide the chassis based on the dimensional size & Tare weight requirement
  2. Contact the Refrigeration equipment manufacturer to ensure compatibility of the Refrigerator equipment with the vehicle in case of a direct drive unit
  3. The Refrigeration equipment manufacturer should be able to guide on the Insulation specifications to maintain the required  temperature
  4. Identify a Insulated box manufacturer
  5. Usually the chassis and Reef unit is shipped to the Box maker where all three Chassis, Insulated Box and the Refrigeration unit are assembled
  6. After the temperature pull down and temperature retention tests are completed the Refrigerated Trucks is ready for Govt registration and hit the road thereafter
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