Split or Hiwall type AC Installation – Points to ensure

The new AC unit is usually delivered in two cartons. One will contain the indoor unit (cooling unit) and the another heavier box shall contain the Outdoor unit (Condensing unit and compressor)

  • Indoor unit (IDU)
  • Outdoor unit also called condensing unit (ODU)
  • Wall bracket for mounting the indoor unit
  • Remote control

If the unit purchased is with kit, shall also include the following (usually 3m long)

  • Set of Insulated Connecting pipes (Gas & Liquid pipes)
  • Communication Cable between IDU & ODU

Points to ensure:

Indoor unit should be mounted centrally on a wall; this shall ensure uniform air circulation throughout the room

Maintain a minimum 15 to 18cm distance between the top edge of the IDU and roof of the room, this shall ensure easy access to the front cover for removal and installation of the air filter and ensure proper air suction for the unit

A very slight tilt is provided to ensure proper flow of the condensate water from the drain pipe. This angle should not be too much to cause damage to the aesthetics of installation. Wrong angle shall cause water dripping inside the room.

Location for the outdoor unit should be such that the piping length is minimum (3m is provided with the kit) increase in piping length affects the efficiency of the equipment though most manufacturers allows a distance of 45 feet between the IDU & ODU

ODU location in shade is preferred at the same time the area should be well ventilated and should allow free air flow for the fan. Ideally there should be no obstruction till a length of 0.5m on the rear of the unit & 1.5m in front of the fan

ODU should be ideally installed on a firm flat surface or with the help of wall mounting bracket

Ensure that there are no vibrations. Vibrations may lead to noisy ODU and shall also cause leakages in the copper pipes

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